Xinomavro Naoussa

Xinomavro PDO Naoussa with meat

Xinomavro PDO Naoussa is just the perfect match!

Xinomavro PDO Naoussa is a special wine selection that has fans worldwide. It is produced on the green slopes of Mount Vermio, in the Naoussa region. Its mountainous origin is the reason for its distinctive taste, as it is “full-bodied” and rich in tannins!

As for the pairning of Xinomavro PDO Naoussa with cuisine, you should keep in mind that it is a wine that goes perfectly with red meats, such as beef, pork and lamb! With its intense flavor and high acidity, Xinomavro PDO Naoussa allows the flavor of the meat to stand out and shine through.

When pairing Xinomavro with red meat, its characteristic flavours match the rich taste of the meat perfectly. The acidity of the wine flushes the fat of the meat from the mouth and helps to cleanse the flavors. The full-body and impressive structure of Xinomavro requires meat that is equally juicy.

Still, if you are going to serve beef or lamb, a of Xinomavro PDO Naoussa wine will be a perfect pairing. Besides, its characteristic taste of black fruit and spices combined with its intense aromas, balanced by the clean texture of a well-cooked meat.

In conclusion, it is a general rule to remember that Xinomavro PDO Naoussa wines always impress, ensuring an enjoyable taste experience for you and your guests!