Xinomavro Naoussa

Wine-tasting event in Japan

A Xinomavro PDO Naoussa Wine Tasting has held on March 16th 2022 at the Hotel Grand Hyatt Tokyo. Xinomavro PDO Naoussa traveled to Japan for a unique walk-around free wine tasting, focused on one of Greece’s greatest winemaking areas, Naoussa. It was also an informative day, as consumers not only had the opportunity to taste more than 10 different labels of Naoussa PDO wines – Xinomavro, but to learn more about the Greek wines and their characteristics.

It is really interesting that most of the participating professionals appreciated the presence of a large number of Naoussa P.D.O. Xinomavro expressions under the same roof have given them the opportunity to evaluate and appreciate the diversity of this gifted grape variety and discover the different styles of their creators as well as the presence of the variety of terroirs within the Naoussa zone.­

Here are some highlights of the event!