Xinomavro Naoussa

Naoussa Xinomavro PDO

The wines with the designation PDO Naoussa Xinomavro are best known for their superb aging potential and rich tannic character. 

Welcome to Naoussa

Surrounded by an enchanting landscape in the heart of Central Macedonia, Greece, on the eastern foothills of Mount Vermion lies the town of Naoussa. Here, mountain slopes covered with verdant forests, conifers and beech trees are kept cool by an abundance of running water from natural springs. Orchards are grown on the plains that bear delicious fruits including apples, cherries and peaches. 

Protected Designation of Origin

In 1971, the PDO Naoussa region was recognized by law as the first Greek Protected Designation of Origin with the indication PDO Naoussa and the variety Xinomavro.

The PDO distinction, is an EU’s quality standard meaning that the “Naoussa wine” identity is reserved exclusively for wines produced from selected Xinomavro grapes, grown in a specific way and with a specific yield in the approved vine-growing Naoussa zone.

Naoussa Wines

This indigenous, noble red grape variety produces robust, full-bodied wines. Their complex aromas combine such red fruits as sour cherry, berry or pomegranate with hints of mushroom, smoke, olives, spices or dried tomatoes. PDO Naoussa Xinomavro wines are aged in bottles and oak barrels that can impart additional pleasing qualities to the wine with scents such as cloves, cinnamon, allspice or vanilla.

The Variety

Xinomavro is an active varietal, high yielding, robust, and resistant to disease. The grapes are medium-size, spherical with a thick skin, white flesh with a characteristic skin color ranging from dark red to nearly black.

Naoussa’s wine, food, activities, heritage and culture go hand in hand, but the must-visit period is during the carnival, the likes of which you won’t see anywhere else in the world!

The carnival season of Naoussa is something really quite extraordinary. Combining ancient Dionysian fertility celebrations and heroic fights throughout history, the “Boules” is rich in costume, music, dance and celebration and has remained unchained for centuries. It is celebrated at the beginning of Greek Lent and at its heart has the recognition of young men coming of age, being called out by the other men of the town to fight together for their freedom. You won’t want to miss a thing.

The wine glossary is a collection of terms that will aid your understanding of the characteristics of PDO Naousa wines.

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